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Bob Bereskin – Geologist Ph.D.

A graduate of University of Southern California and a Ph. D from UC-Santa Barbara, Mr. Bereskin is acknowledged as one of the top Reservoir Engineering Geologists in the Country. Mr. Bereskin is both an academic geologist (Professor at the University of Utah) and exploration geologist. Mr. Bereskin has had company experience as an exploration manager from 1981-1998, and has been the V.P. of Geology for Tesseract Corp. since 1998, which consults for industry and research and development projects. Mr. Bereskin has to his credit twenty publications and is an expert in coalbed methane, complex carbonates, tight sandstones and shales. Areas of expertise include Wyoming basins, central California and the Uinta Basin of northeastern Utah.

David Taff – Geologist CA PG, CPG

Mr. Taff is a certified Professional Geologist by the state of California and the American Institute of Professional Geologists.  Mr. Taff has a wide range of experience in exploration both in the oil and gas as well as the mining industries.  His Oil and Gas exploration has covered: Louisiana, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ontario.  His Mining exploration has covered Arizona for uranium and gold, Nevada and Alaska for gold.  Mr. Taff has also worked in the environmental industry designing and implementing remediation in areas of contamination.